Typical Session

A typical session would last between 45-60mins and quite often longer. I prefer to do home visits as I find that this assists with relaxation and sometimes clients prefer to have a colleague, friend or neighbour present. All that is required is a comfortable chair and an environment with minimal distractions. There is no extra cost for my travel time or expenses in visiting your home.

Most treatments would require several sessions except for Stop Smoking which is undertaken in one longer session. I have found that the one session is usually sufficient but a free follow up session is available within a month, if for any reason you feel it necessary.

There are various stages to a hypnotherapy session and they tend to follow the following format:

Pre hypnosis discussion

At the first session we would discuss the issue that is to be resolved and I would prepare some confidential case notes to allow me to structure and personalise the future sessions. Future sessions would commence with a brief recap on progress and where we got to in the last session.


Hypnotherapy works well when you are relaxed and comfortable. Therefore each session starts with a relaxation stage.


Induction is the next stage and this is taking you into a hypnotic state and prepares the sub conscious mind to be receptive to the therapy


This is the main stage and is where instructions are given and suggestions made direct to the sub conscious mind to bring about the required outcomes.


At the end of the session you are taken through a “waking” process.

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